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Top 13 Landmarks in Japan – the Modern and the Historical

Don't know where to go in Japan? Here's a list of the 13 most iconic landmarks the country has on offer.

What Is the Best Zoo in Japan?

What is the best zoo in Japan? That's what we're here to find out. Zoos in Japan come in all shapes and sizes, with all manner of animals and attractions on offer. Using our list of 13 as a guide, find for yourself the best zoo in Japan!

Onsens in Tokyo – Relax Your Mind, Body and Soul

Tokyo's onsens are some of the best in the world. Some are highly traditional, others ultra-modern, but which of Tokyo's onsens is for you? Our guide to the world of Tokyo onsens will help you decide.

Japanese Beaches – Your Complete Guide

Japan is perhaps not your first thought in summer beaches, but it certainly should be! We've compiled a list of 13 of the very best Japanese beaches, plus tips on how to enjoy your day to the max.

What is the Best Japanese Beer?

Here is a list of the top 12 Japanese beers. We have also included a list of recommended craft beer bars and stores in Japan. "Stay thirsty, my friends."

19 Weird Japanese Food and Where to Eat it

Here is a list of the weirdest food in Japan which includes natto and whale meat. We've included places where you can try these weird Japanese food too!
Neko No Mise (Cat’s Store)

Cat and Animal Cafes in Tokyo

Here is a list of the most recommended cat cafes and other animal cafes in Tokyo. Which one is your favorite cat cafe? They're all purrrfect!

A Guide to Tokyo’s Parks and Gardens

Escape the grey, here's a comprehensive list of parks, gardens, trails and the like in Tokyo. A comprehensive guide to Tokyo's nature and all things green.

Your Guide to American Restaurants in Tokyo

Here is a guide to American restaurants in Tokyo. Missing fast food, burgers, buffalo wings, BBQ, pizzas, burritos, brunch? We got you covered.
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