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Your Ultimate Guide to Tokyo’s Golden Gai

The Golden Gai in Shinjuku is one of Tokyo's premier drinking spots. The Showa alleys and tiny bars are perfect for a night out. Let us be your guide.

A Beginners Guide to Cherry Blossom Season in Japan

Japan's cherry blossom season is world-renowned and much loved. How to prepare and where to find the best spots - all right here!

Hiroshima Peace Memorial Park – Travel Guide

The Hiroshima Peace Memorial Park was built in remembrance of the world's first atomic bomb drop and the many who lost their lives as a result. Use our guide to prepare for your visit.

Top 10 Michelin Star Restaurants in Osaka

Japan is a hotbed of Michelin Star Restaurants and Osaka is no exception. With our guide, take a look at the 10 best Michelin Star restaurants in Osaka.

Kyoto Sushi – the 10 Best Sushi Restaurants in Kyoto

Heading to Kyoto? You're going to want to try some of the city's world-class sushi. Our guide to the 10 best sushi restaurants in Kyoto can help.

Tokyo Vegetarian Restaurants – the 10 Best Vegetarian Restaurants in the Capital

It's not all meat and sushi - Tokyo has a burgeoning vegetarian food scene. Let our rundown of the ten best Tokyo vegetarian restaurants be your guide...

Autumn in Tokyo – Top 10 Things to Do in Tokyo in Autumn

Arriving to Tokyo this autumn? You're in luck, Tokyo in the autumn is overflowing with things to do. Have a look at our ultimate guide to Tokyo in autumn.

Where to Stay in Tokyo on a Budget – 7 Yen Saving Options

Where to stay in Tokyo on a budget? Good question but one we've got all the answers to. Read on for budget accommodation options sure to please even the most frugal of travelers.

Roppongi Hills – The Ultimate Guide

Roppongi Hills, the centerpiece of the notoriously foreigner-friendly Roppongi area, is not to be missed whilst in Tokyo! Entertainment, shopping and cultural activities abound. Our Roppongi Hills Guide will introduce you to the best of it.

Kabukichō – Tokyo’s Red Light District

Despite its seedy reputation, Kabukicho, Tokyo's premier red light district, is a tourist favorite. Our Kabukicho guide features everything you need to know about Tokyo's red light district - where to go and where to avoid.

Takeshita Street – Top 20 Places to Visit

Center of the kawaii culture, Takeshita Street has a lot to offer. Shop, eat or hang out - Takeshita Street's got it all. To help you out, check out our top 20 picks of things to do on Takeshita Street!

Shimokitazawa – A Guide to the Hippest Part of Tokyo

Shimokitazawa is a hive for Tokyo's young and hip. Discover why with our guide.

Japan Music Festivals – The Ultimate Guide for Summer

Japan's summer music festival scene is on the rise. With our rundown of some of the best, getting yourself to one couldn't be easier this summer!

Japanese Firework Festivals 2016 – Your Survival Guide to Hanabi

The firework festival is one of the biggest highlights of the summer in Japan. Tracing back it's history as far back as during the Edo Era, it has proven to be a widely popular annual event. Here is a guide on where to go, how to prepare for it and what to wear.