Kyoto Nightlife – Nightclub, Live Music and Bar Guide

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Hiking in Japan – 11 Breathtaking Trails

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McDonald’s in Japan – 35 Unique Menu Items

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Japanese Tattoo

Tokyo Tattoo Shops – Top 10 English-Speaking Parlors

Japan has a love/hate relationship with tattoos going back a long way. This means that in Tokyo, though you may not be able to use the onsens, you can visit world-class tattoo shops and get inked by some of the best artists around. Find out how, with us.
Nihonryori RyuGin Kaiseki

Top 14 Kaiseki Restaurants in Tokyo

Tokyo kaiseki restaurants are some of the best in Japan. Affordable? Michelin-starred? Halal? Vegetarian? We've got one for you. Read on for our top 14 kaiseki restaurants in Tokyo.

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The 17 Best Nagasaki Restaurants

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Yokohama Restaurants – The Complete Yokohama Food Guide

Yokohama isn't short of quality restaurants. To help you discover the best of the bunch, we've put together a full guide, complete with all the info you'll need to get there and get eating.
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