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Hulu-lu Ramen Ikebukuro

The 30 Best Ikebukuro Restaurants

From Ramen to Sashimi to Steakhouse and more: Let us introduce you to the best places to eat in Ikebukuro!
Hayashi Shibuya, Tokyo

Shibuya Ramen – The 16 Best Ramen Shops in Shibuya

From the plain classic to the unconventional with a twist – we introduce you to the best ramen shops in Shibuya, right here.

The 20 Best Ueno Restaurants

Looking for Ueno restaurants? Get your hunger satisfied with our tips for top restaurants around Ueno Station and Ueno Park, right here.

McDonald’s in Japan – 35 Unique Menu Items

Welcome to the weird and wonderful world of McDonald's in Japan. From burgers to fries to pies, we've listed 35 unique menu items.

Top 14 Mexican Restaurants in Tokyo

Here are the 14 best Mexican restaurants in Tokyo. From burrito shops to taco stands to Tex-Mex restaurants, we got them all.
Nihonryori RyuGin Kaiseki

Top 14 Kaiseki Restaurants in Tokyo

Tokyo kaiseki restaurants are some of the best in Japan. Affordable? Michelin-starred? Halal? Vegetarian? We've got one for you. Read on for our top 14 kaiseki restaurants in Tokyo.

21 Delicious Chinese Restaurants in Tokyo

Craving Chinese food in Tokyo? Good thing you came to us. We've got a guide to the top 21 Tokyo Chinese restaurants, right here.

The 17 Best Nagasaki Restaurants

Food in Nagasaki combines local, Japanese and Chinese influences to delicious effect. To discover it all, take a look at our rundown of some of Nagasaki's very best restaurants.

Yokohama Restaurants – The Complete Yokohama Food Guide

Yokohama isn't short of quality restaurants. To help you discover the best of the bunch, we've put together a full guide, complete with all the info you'll need to get there and get eating.

Okinawa Food – The Complete Guide

Okinawa food is as varied as it is delicious. Discover it all with our comprehensive guide to all things Okinawa food.

19 Unmissable Kamakura Restaurants

Tourist favourite Kamakura isn't just brimming with history, but excellent restaurants too. For 19 of the very best Kamakura restaurants, keep reading to discover our favourites.

Otaru Food – Restaurants, Sushi, Ramen and More

We've got a full guide to the joys of Otaru food, all right here. The freshest seafood, tastiest ramen and much, much more.

25 Must Try Omotesando Restaurants

Although Omotesando is more famous for shopping than eating, it's nonetheless home to an impressive assortment of excellent eateries. To find them, check out our Omotesando restaurant rundown.

Tokyo Tempura – A Guide to The Best Tempura in Tokyo

A dish so simple, so delicious, so Japanese - tempura. Follow our guide to all things Tokyo tempura to find out where to get your hands on some of the city's best.
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