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Tokyo’s Top 10 Love Hotels

Just like its guests, love hotels come in all shapes and sizes. Check out the themed, the stylish and the cheap and cheerful in our list of Tokyo’s top 10 unforgettable love hotels.

Where to Stay in Ginza – Ginza Accomodation Guide

Where to stay in Ginza? A tricky question in this notoriously expensive district. Lucky for you, we've got a comprehensive guide suitable for all budgets.

Where to Stay in Tokyo on a Budget – 7 Yen Saving Options

Where to stay in Tokyo on a budget? Good question but one we've got all the answers to. Read on for budget accommodation options sure to please even the most frugal of travelers.

Where to Stay in Asakusa – Asakusa Hotel Guide

Wondering where to stay in Asakusa? Wonder no more. We've got a list of the best options in the area for all budgets and party sizes - hostels, hotels, ryokans, capsules - we've got it all.

Where to Stay in Shinjuku – Shinjuku Accomodation Guide

Wondering where to stay in Shinjuku? Let us guide you through a range of option - from hostels to ryokans - to suit any budget.

Where to Stay in Tokyo with Family

Where to stay in Tokyo with a family? A potentially difficult question answered right here. We've got area guides and hotel recommendations sure to take the stress out of planning your Tokyo family vacation.

Tokyo Airbnb Guide – The 12 Best Airbnbs Tokyo Has to Offer

Our Tokyo Airbnb Guide takes the effort out of choosing the perfect Tokyo Airbnb property. We've got 13 of the best options in the city and all the info you'll need to make your booking. Read on.

Capsule Hotels Tokyo – The 10 Best Capsule Hotels the Capital Has to Offer

No mere novelty, capsule hotels offer a good night's rest at rock-bottom prices. We've got tips and tricks to ensure you dream easy, plus a run-down of the 10 best capsule hotels in Tokyo.

Where to Stay in Tokyo – Everything You Need to Know

Wondering where to stay in Tokyo? What area, what hotel, what price? Read on for the information you need to know.