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12 Fantastic Tokyo Bookstores

Tokyo isn't lacking in bookstores friendly to foreign readers. But where to find them? Read on to find out.

Tokyo’s 11 Best Record Stores

Tokyo is the record buying capital of the world, a city with a record store around every bend. Discover the 11 very best Tokyo record stores, with us.

Asakusa Shopping – Top 12 Shopping Spots in Asakusa

Every Tokyo tourist loves Asakusa and it's not hard to see why. Shopping is one of the area's main draws and with our Asakusa shopping guide you'll be navigating the district's best spots in no time at all.

Ginza Shopping – The Ultimate Guide

Ginza, renowned for its glamour, is a shopper's paradise. Find out everything you need to know about Ginza shopping, with us.

Shopping in Tokyo – Top 10 Shopping Districts in Tokyo

Shopping in Tokyo? We've got some top tips on which districts and shops to check out. Taking the stress out of shopping in Tokyo.