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Cat Street Tokyo – 23 Shopping and Eating Ideas

A narrow road connecting Harajuku and Shibuya, Tokyo Cat Street is a magnet for the city's fashion-forward. With plenty of shops, cafes and restaurants to explore, let us be your guide.

Meiji Jingu Shrine – Central Tokyo Serenity

Popular with locals and tourists alike, Meiji Jingu is a shrine that shouldn't be missed. Find out everything you need to know about Meiji Jingu with our guide.

Takeshita Street – Top 20 Places to Visit

Center of the kawaii culture, Takeshita Street has a lot to offer. Shop, eat or hang out - Takeshita Street's got it all. To help you out, check out our top 20 picks of things to do on Takeshita Street!

A Kawaii Guide to Harajuku

These are some suggestions for non-shoppers who want to spend memorable time in Harajuku: try some tasty foods, go to theme cafés, take unique pictures or enjoy the nature.