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Osaka Nightlife – A Complete Overview and Guide

Partying is a vital part of the local culture of Osaka, and we're here to help you navigate through all the clubs, bars and live houses!

Kyoto Nightlife – Nightclub, Live Music and Bar Guide

Though not famed for its nightlife, Kyoto still has a few tricks up its sleeve. To discover the best bars, clubs and live houses, check out our guide.

20 Ebisu Bars Not to Miss

Ebisu is Shibuya's upmarket neighbour and an equally good nightlife spot. Bars are what Ebisu specialises in, of which the options are endless. To discover the best, read on.

32 Amazing Osaka Bars

Take it from us, Osaka's bar scene is one of the best in Japan. To help you navigate, take a look at our guide to the 32 very best Osaka bars.

The Ultimate Guide to Tokyo Nightclubs

With so many Tokyo nightclubs to choose from, finding the one for you can be a daunting task. Luckily, our Tokyo nightclub guide has all the information you're going to need to get partying.
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Fukuoka Nightlife – Bars, Clubs, Tips and Tricks

Fukuoka nightlife is notoriously lively. Bars, pubs, clubs, whatever it is, Fukuoka has you covered. Discover the best of it, with us.

Ginza Bars – Your Ultimate Guide

Chic Ginza is hardly budget-friendly, but our guide to Ginza bars will soon have you forgetting your money woes. Cocktails, wine, sake, beer, whatever your drink, find it in Ginza.

Roppongi Nightlife – Your Guide

Roppongi's reputation precedes it and its name as the hottest nightlife spot in Tokyo is hard to deny. But where exactly to head? Let us be you guide through the hazy world of Roppongi nightlife.

Your Ultimate Guide to Tokyo’s Golden Gai

The Golden Gai in Shinjuku is one of Tokyo's premier drinking spots. The Showa alleys and tiny bars are perfect for a night out. Let us be your guide.

Okinawa Nightlife – Everything You Need to Know

If you're trying to figure out where to go for the best Okinawa nightlife, we've got you covered. Read on and find out all you need to know about bars, clubs and izakaya on Okinawa.
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Shinjuku Bars – Your Ultimate Guide

With hundreds of bars in Shinjuku, there's one for everyone. To find your match, take a look at our venerable encyclopaedia of Shinjuku bars.
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Your Guide to the Hippest Bars in Shibuya

Planning a night out in Shibuya, but overwhelmed by the sheer amount of bars? Fear not, we've done the research and found the 15 best bars Shibuya has to offer.

The 16 Best Craft Beer Bars in Tokyo

Japan's microbreweries are stepping up their game and Tokyo's craft beer bars are following suit. Discover the best of it with our guide to the 16 best craft beers bars in Tokyo.

Nagoya Nightlife – Top 10 Nighttime Activities in Nagoya

As the sun sets, what is there to do in Nagoya? With our guide to the city's nightlife, finding things to do in Nagoya at night has never been easier.
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