About Us

Compathy Magazine is a Tokyo-based, internationally run travel magazine dedicated to bringing you the inside track on world travel. 

We are committed to the idea that travel should be for everyone, regardless of your bank balance. In line with this, our team of writers craft articles designed to apply to everyone equally, providing practical, outside-the-box tips and advice to ensure the smooth running of your adventures in foreign lands. Tireless research and hours of thought combine with the voices of local people to give our magazine a uniquely helpful take on international travel we hope you’ll enjoy. 

Our writing team:

Jack Heslehurst – UK 

Linh Tran – Vietnam 

C. Akira – USA

Shash – Sri Lanka 

Linh Duong – Vietnam

Khadiju Ali – Sweden

Ines Smaili – France 

Samantha – Switzerland 

Jo – Thailand

Contact Us

Email: info[at]wanderlust.co.jp