McDonald’s in Japan – 35 Unique Menu Items

Welcome to the weird and wonderful world of McDonald's in Japan. From burgers to fries to pies, we've listed 35 unique menu items.

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Japan has the second highest density of McDonald’s restaurants in the world: roughly 3,600 branches nationwide and a planned 10,000 restaurants by 2020. It’s safe to say, therefore, that Japan has a taste for McDonald’s.

McDonald’s always tries to reflect the regional specificities of wherever it sets up shop, Japan included. The McDonald’s menu in Japan, therefore, is a little different to that which you’d find in the US or Europe. Besides the classics, there’s a whole load of items that you won’t find elsewhere; from the relatively mundane to the genuinely baffling. Let us introduce you to the best of it.

Everyday Japanese McDonald’s Menu

Value Burgers

chiki-chee, eggu-chee, babepo

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Priced at 200 yen each, the chiki-chee burger (chicken cheeseburger), eggu-chee burger (egg cheeseburger) and babepo burger (barbecue pork burger) are the closest alternatives to the dollar menu.


Teriyaki Burger

Teriyaki Burger

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This sauce-drenched burger is a staple of McDonald’s menus here in Japan.


Ebi (Shrimp) Filet-O

Ebi (Shrimp) Filet-O

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From crackers to tempura, Japan’s fascination with shrimp has led to the ever-popular Ebi Filet-O.


McDonald’s Shaka Shaka Chicken

McDonald’s Shaka Shaka Chicken

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Japan loves fried chicken. This is reflected in the Shaka Shaka Chicken which was added to the regular menu in 2008.

Seasonal Burgers

McDonald’s Japan periodically introduces limited edition burgers themed around a particular season, event or theme. Take a look at some of the past greats:

Big America

Big America

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The Big America burger campaign first ran in 2010. The burgers reflect different American cities or states and have proven highly popular. The Idaho Burger, Texas Burger, Miami Burger, Manhattan Burger, Las Vegas Burger and the Grand Canyon Burger are among our favourites.


German Sausage Chicken Sandwich

Chicken Burger German Sausage

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This German-themed burger consists of a piece of fried chicken, pork sausage patty and sauerkraut topping.


Loco Moco Burger

Loco Moco Burger

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Hawaiin dish loco moco consists of a hamburger patty, fried egg, rice and brown gravy. Replace the rice with buns and you get this Hawaii-inspired McDonald’s sandwich.




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McPork’s simplicity made it popular during its run at McDonald’s. Find between the buns shredded lettuce and a sausage patty doused in garlic and black pepper sauce.


Sakura Teritama Burger

Sakura Teritama Burger

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Everything about this burger is pink, even the bun. Only available during sakura season, Sakura Teritama Burger is made up of a ginger teriyaki pork patty, fried egg and special sakura sauce.


The Full Moon Cheese Tsukimi Burger

Cheese Tsukimi Burger

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Only available in autumn, this burger was inspired by tsukimi, the harvest moon festival. The Cheese Tsukimi Burger’s main ingredients, other than the beef patty, are cheese and an egg which is said to represent the full moon.


Mega Mac

Mega Mac

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Imagine a Big Mac but doubled in size. Fit for a sumo wrestler.


Mega Tamago

Mega Tamago

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Replace the patty in a Mega Mac with an egg and pieces of bacon and the result is the Mega Tamago.


Mega Muffin

Mega Muffin

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 This classic breakfast sandwich mega-sized is the breakfast of champions.


Chicken Tatsuta

Chicken Tatsuta

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Chicken Tatsuta Burger is not just any ordinary chicken sandwich. The chicken patty is breaded with potato starch then deep fried—producing this delicious burger.


Black Squid Ink Burger and Camembert Chicken Filet

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These promotional sandwiches were first launched during Halloween 2014.


Kalbi Mac

This is Japan’s take on a Korean-themed burger.

Seasonal Side Orders

McDonald’s Mega Potato

Mega Potato Fries

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What do you get when you combine two large fries? You get the Mega Potato.


Ume (Sour Plum) Fries

Ume, Japan’s favorite pickled plum, has a distinctly sour taste, so seasoning fries with ume powder certainly puts a unique twist on this classic McDonald’s item.


McFry Potato Chocolate Sauce

McDonald's Chocolate Fries

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Only McDonald’s innovate enough to put chocolate sauce on savory fries—resulting in the McFry Potato Chocolate Sauce.


Halloween Choco-Pumpkin Fries

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What better way to celebrate Halloween than to douse your fries in chocolate and orange pumpkin syrup?

Seasonal Drinks

Sakura Cherry McFizz

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As the name suggests, Sakura Cherry McFizz is only available during cherry blossom season. This pink soda, infused with cherry-flavored syrup, came with or without whip cream.

Seasonal Desserts

Hyuganatsu Cheesecake McFlurry

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This citrus and cheesecake infused McFlurry is only available in summer to the inhabitants of Miyazaki.


Hokkaido Milk Pie

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McDonald’s first launched this Hokkaido-inspired dessert in early 2016. McDonald’s took what Hokkaido was famous for and injected it into a triangular shaped puff.


Matcha Tea and Azuki Beans McFlurry

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McDonald’s combined Japan’s favorite drink and dessert to produce the green tea and azuki beans McFlurry.


Sankaku Momo Cream Pie

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This triangular-shaped pie is filled with peach-flavored cream.


Sankaku Choco Pie Black

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This chocolate pie has a crunchy exterior and a gooey interior of cocoa and almonds.


Pineapple Pie

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Find on the inside of this turnover rich pineapple filling.

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