Shimokitazawa Station and Accommodation Guide

Shimokitazawa Station is the gateway to one of Tokyo's coolest areas. For everything you need to know about it, plus a guide to where to stay in Shimokitazawa, keep reading.

Shimokitazawa Train Line

Photo Credit: Ryosuke Yagi via Flickr cc

Shimokitazawa, a district in Tokyo’s Setagaya ward, has an enviable reputation as one of the city’s coolest postcodes. With bags of things to do in the local area and great transport connections to the rest of the city, Shimokita, as it is also sometimes called, is consistently popular with visitors to the city and a great place to base yourself during a trip. 

In what follows, we’ll provide you with some useful info on Shimokitazawa Station and give you the lowdown on the best Shimokitazawa accommodation options, including all the top hotels, Airbnb rentals and apartments.

For more on the area, check out Shimokitazawa – A Guide to the Hippest Part of Tokyo.


Shimokitazawa Station Map & Exits

Shimokitazawa Station is served by Odakyu Electric Railway’s Odakyu Odawara Line and Keio Corporation’s Keio Inokashira Line. The station acts as one of the area’s focal points, meaning everything you’ll want to check out is well within walking distance.

Shimokitazawa Station Map

Shimokitazawa Station Exit Map

West Exits

The west exits are easily accessible from the Keio Inokashira Line and lead to the quieter side of Shimokitazawa. Yet, this area is still packed with stores, cafes and restaurants, including the popular Italian restaurant, Le Befana [Google Map Link].


North Gate

The North Gate opens up to a warren of streets and alleys dominated by the area’s famous vintage clothing stores, including Flamingo [Google Map Link] and New York Joe Exchange [Google Map Link]. Waffle Cafe Orange [Google Map Link], one of Shimokitazawa’s most popular cafes, is also in this vicinity.  


South Gate

If you’re arriving in Shimokitazawa in the evening, exit the station from the South Gate to find some of the area’s best live music venues and watering holes. Popular nightlife spots include Club Que [Google Map Link] and Garden [Google Map Link].

Shimokitazawa Station Lines

Keio Inokashira Line

Keio Inokashira

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The Keio Inokashira Line operates out of Shibuya and travels westwards through Meguro, Setagaya, Suginami, Mitaka and Musashino into Tokyo’s suburbs. Shimokitazawa Station is the first stop on a Keio Inokashira express train from Shibuya, a journey that takes just three minutes. 


Odakyu Odawara Line

Odakyu Odawara

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Operating from Shinjuku, the Odakyu Odawara Line travels south towards Odawara, passing through Kanagawa prefecture along the way. From Shinjuku, the journey to Shimokitazawa takes just eight minutes and is the second stop.

Shimokitazawa Station Lockers


Photo Credit: Yusuke ******** via Flickr cc

Coin lockers can be found by the west exits. Depending on the size, they cost between 300 and 500 yen. However, due to limited sizes and quantities, we recommend storing your luggage at Shibuya Station. Better yet, store them at Shibuya Temporary Luggage Storage Service Center [Google Map Link / Official Website] where it costs just 600 yen regardless of size.

Shimokitazawa Hotels


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Hotel options in Shimokitazawa are limited. In fact, the establishments listed below are not your typical hotels but mostly love hotels and capsule hotels. However, staying in these places can be a lot of fun, though perhaps better suited to a night or two rather than your entire stay. Take a look. 

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Hotel Andree

The first thing you should know about Hotel Andree is that it does not take reservations. Rooms can be either rented by the hour for “rests” or for an overnight stay but you’ll have to turn up in person to do it. If you like living life dangerously or you’ve missed your last train home, Hotel Andree may be a good option. 

Price: 9,000 yen
Website: Andre
Address: 2-14-4 Kitazawa, Setagaya, Tokyo


City Hotel Lehua (シティホテルレフア)

Another adult oriented accommodation option, this time with convenience on its side. Minutes from the station, City Hotel Lehua is actually pretty nice, with good amenities and even jacuzzi bathtubs.  

Check out Tokyo’s Top 10 Love Hotels for the complete lowdown.

Price: 8,800 yen*
Phone Number: 03-3410-7924
Address: 2-20-2 Kitazawa, Setagaya, Tokyo


Sauna and Capsule Minami Shimokitazawa (サウナ&カプセルミナミ下北沢店)

A stay at Sauna and Capsule Minami Shimokitazawa entitles one to free access to the in-house sento (bath house) and sauna, that is, if you’re a man. Unfortunately, women are not allowed. For both sexes, however, the hotel does offer cheap set meals and basic but passable accommodation which will be particularly novel if you’ve never stayed in a capsule before. It’s worth being aware that payment is in cash only and smoking is permitted inside.  

Check out our Tokyo capsule hotels article for more info.

Price: ~4,000 yen*
Website: Sauna and Capsule Minami Shimokitazawa
Phone Number: 03-5481-3731
Address: 2-29-9 Daizawa, Setagaya, Tokyo


Manga Cafe Popeye RR Shimokitazawa Branch (メディアカフェポパイRR下北沢店)

Not only does Manga Cafe Popeye RR provide you with a collection of manga for your enjoyment, they also offer games like billiards and darts. A stay at a manga cafe may not be for everyone, so make sure you take a look at our guide before committing.  

Price: ~2,200 yen*
Website: Media Cafe Popeye
Contact Number: 03-5779-6088
Address: 2-15-1 Kitazawa, Setagaya, Tokyo


Yadokan (やどかん)

Slightly more conventional than the other options we’ve featured, Yadokan is a humble ryokan (traditional Japanese hotel) situated 15 minutes from Shimokitazawa Station on foot. Offering basic amenities, Yadokan is not flashy, but could make for a refreshing contrast to the fast-pace of the city beyond.

Check out our Japanese ryokan guide for the full rundown.

Price: 3,800-5,800 yen (depending on the day)*
Website: Yadokan
Contact Number: 03-5432-9612
Address: 3-58-1 Daita, Setagaya, Tokyo

*All prices are for single occupancy and per night unless otherwise stated.

Shimotkitazawa Airbnb

Shimokitazawa’s hotel selection, granted, is fairly limited, but don’t let this put you off staying in the area. The best option, perhaps, is a stay in an Airbnb rental. The big positive of this option is that you’ll be staying in the heart of the local neighbourhood, in among all the things that make Shimokitazawa so great. What’s more, Airbnb can often be far more cost effective than a hotel, though obviously, the amenities and services at your disposal will be far more limited. 

There are plenty of Airbnb options in Shimokitazawa, but to help you out, we’ve gone ahead and found some of the best. 

Homey and Clean Apartment

Shimokitazawa Homey AirBnB Living

Photo Credit: Airbnb

Shimokitazawa Homey AirBnB Kitchen

Photo Credit: Airbnb

Shimokitazawa Homey AirBnB Toilet

Photo Credit: Airbnb

Price: ¥4,709 per night + ¥5,942 cleaning fee

Number of guests: 2

Located just a minute on foot from Shimokitazawa Station but in a neighbourhood that retains a welcome feeling of quiet and seclusion, this property is a real haven among the chaos with the potential to be an excellent base for your stay in the city. The interior is relatively simple but homey and classically Japanese, with a double bedroom, a compact kitchen and a well-fitted bathroom. The apartment would be the perfect match for a lone traveller or couple wanting convenient, relaxing and stylish Tokyo accommodation. The host is wholly accommodating and easy to communicate with, making check-in and check-out simple. Portable Wi-Fi (1GB/a day) is also available free of charge.

Check out this listing…


David Bowie in Shimokitazawa: The Tribute Pad

David Bowie Shimokita Living

Photo Credit: Airbnb

David Bowie Shimokita Kitchen

Photo Credit: Airbnb

David Bowie Shimokita Balcony

Photo Credit: Airbnb

Price: ¥7,935 per night + ¥2,947 cleaning fee

Number of guests: 4

Official Website: Shimokitazawanow

If you’re a David Bowie fan, we’ve found the Shimokitazawa Airbnb for you. This four person pad – within walking distance of the station as well as an array of the area’s best bars, restaurants and shops – can only be described as a shrine to the pop icon. The Ziggy Stardust colour scheme brings life to the whole place, complemented by a museum’s worth of pictures, artwork and assorted memorabilia. The apartment suits Shiomokitazawa, one of the city’s most countercultural districts, down to the ground. An area where, we’d like to think, Bowie would feel right at home. As you’d expect, the hosts are wonderful people and will be happy to help you out during your stay in Tokyo. 

Check out this listing…


Cosy and Simplistic Shimokitazawa

Simple Shimokitazawa AirBnB Bedroom

Photo Credit: Airbnb

Simple Shimokitazawa AirBnB Kitchen

Photo Credit: Airbnb

Simple Shimokitazawa AirBnB WiFi

Photo Credit: Airbnb

Price: ¥6,400 per night + ¥4,036 cleaning fee

Number of guests: 4

Located right around the corner from Shimokitazawa Station, this place plunges you into the thick of the action, where you’ll be stone’s throw from vintage clothes stores, tasty restaurants and some cosy little bars. The apartment itself is clean, comfortable and homely, ideal for a family or as a base of operations for a group of travellers. Katsuo, the host, will be happy to help you out in any way possible and is sure to throw you a few tips for a smooth stay in the city. 

Chek out this listing…


Boho Floral Simokitazawa

Floral Shimokitazawa AirBnB Living

Photo Credit: Airbnb

Floral Shimokitazawa AirBnB Kitchen

Photo Credit: Airbnb

Floral Shimokitazawa AirBnB Room

Photo Credit: Airbnb

Price: ¥6,400 per night + ¥4,036 cleaning fee

Number of guests: 4

This light, airy and wonderfully decorated Shimokitazawa Airbnb rental is ideal as somewhere to recharge the batteries after a long day pounding the city streets. Marine, the host, is an ikebana (Japanese flower arranging) specialist and her apartment reflects this. Plants and flowers are littered throughout, lending the whole place a refreshingly natural, fresh feel. Conveniently, the apartment is just a few minutes from the station, making it an ideal jump off spot for discovering the wider city, though, if you’d rather keep it closer to home, the local amenities are also excellent.  

Check out this listing…


Immaculate and Comfy Shimokitazawa

Comfy Shimokitazawa AirBnB Bed

Photo Credit: Airbnb

Comfy Shimokitazawa AirBnB Kitchen

Photo Credit: Airbnb

Comfy Shimokitazawa AirBnB Toilet

Photo Credit: Airbnb

Price: ¥6,900 per night + ¥5,494 cleaning fee

Number of guests: 3

A lovely apartment right in the heart of Shimokitazawa, perfect for a couple or small family. Warm and cosy, minimalist in its decor and immaculately clean, this place is simple and effective, featuring a large bedroom with a double bed and a comfortable sofa-bed, a fully equipped bathroom and a kitchen. Communicating with Natsuki, the host, is super easy and she will be happy to help you out with any problems or offer up some recommendations for things to do and see.

Check out this listing…


Shimokita’s Green Apartment

Shimokitazawa Green AirBnB Bed

Photo Credit: Airbnb

Shimokitazawa Green AirBnB Kitchen

Photo Credit: Airbnb

Shimokitazawa Green AirBnB Bathroom

Photo Credit: Airbnb

Price: ¥9,000 per night + ¥5,494 cleaning fee

Number of guests: 8

With room for eight guests, this place is one of the largest rentals you’re likely to find in the city, ideal for a large family or group of friends. The location couldn’t be better either, within walking distance of the station and the sights and sounds of Shimokitazawa, yet far enough away for some peace and quiet. The apartment is kept very clean and tidy, and the host is wonderfully friendly and happy to help out. Highly recommended.

Check out this listing…


Large Apartment in the Heart of Shimokitazawa

Large Shimokitazawa AirBnB

Photo Credit: Airbnb

Large Shimokitazawa AirBnB Living Space

Photo Credit: Airbnb

Large Shimokitazawa AirBnB Laundry

Photo Credit: Airbnb

Price: ¥8,969 per night + ¥8,521 cleaning fee

Number of guests: 10

Another large Airbnb rental, this time with a max capacity of 10 guests. The apartment is spacious but cosy and homely, making it a nice place to kick back after a day of sightseeing. Located just 10 minutes from the station and close to a range of supermarkets, convenience stores and cafes, whether you want to get out and explore Tokyo or relax in the local area, this place can accommodate you. Hara, the host, will supply you with straightforward directions for getting there and is always happy to help you out. 

Check out this listing…

Shimokitazawa Apartments for Rent


Photo Credit: Tom Collins via Flickr cc

Agoda, an alternative to Airbnb, also has apartments for short-term rent in Shimokitazawa. Prices depend on the time of booking, but they generally range from 10,000 to 30,000 yen per night. Due to their popularity, rentals fill up fast, so act quickly if you see something you like. We’ve got a few of the highlights below. 

Neat and Comfy Flat

Located in the heart of Shimokitazawa, this flat is clean, neat, comfy and comes with WiFi as standard. In this day and age, that’s a huge plus. What’s not to love?

Location: Daizawa, Setagaya, Tokyo
Check out this listing…


Kim House Cozy Apartment

Unfortunately for the more sociable among you, this cosy apartment enforces a no-party policy. However, it’s perfect for those looking for some peace and quiet. 

Location: 5-35 Daita, Setagaya, Tokyo
Check out this listing...


HTO Apartment

This apartment is great for people looking for an extended stay in the city. They provide a wide range of amenities and facilities, including an all important washing machine. There’s also a balcony with room enough to sit and relax in the evening. 

Location: 1-37 Kitazawa, Setagaya, Tokyo
Check out this listing...


Quaint Shimokitazawa Flat 2F & 3F

With 24-hour check-in, this place is perfect if you’re due to arrive in the early hours. There’s also a whole host of convenient features, including free slippers, umbrellas, towels and other such items.

Location: 2-11-10 Daita, Setagaya, Tokyo
Check out the 2F listing... 
Check out the 3F listing...


Shimokitazawa House

Travelling in a large group? Then Shimokitazawa House is for you. Though not really a house, this spacious apartment can house up to nine people, with two large bedrooms and a common area with three beds and six futons. There’s a strict ban on excessive noise, but with the lively streets of Shimokitazawa within touching distance, this shouldn’t be a problem. 

Location: 2-11 Daita, Setagaya, Tokyo
Check out this listing...


Calme Residence 1F & 2F

Calme Residence is another Shimokitazawa rental perfect for large groups. The interior is nice and spacious and there’s even a terrace outside. The only downside is that it doesn’t come with WiFi.

Location: 3-7-16 Daizawa, Setagaya, Tokyo 
Check out the 1F listing...
Check out the 2F listing...

Shimokitazawa Restaurants, Shoppings and Bars

Shimokitazawa Thrift Store Shopping

Photo Credit: Urbz via Flickr cc

Shimokitazawa’s vintage shopping, theatres, bars and generally alternative vibe is legendary, making it a popular destination for the young trendsetters of Tokyo.

Check out Shimokitazawa – A Guide to the Hippest Part of Tokyo for more info. 

Shimokitazawa Neighbourhood Walking Map

Shibuya to Shimokitazawa

This 50-minute walk takes you through a quiet residential area. Along the way find the Shoto Museum of Art [Google Map Link / Official Website]. 

Shimokitazawa Station Access

Shinjuku to Shimokitazawa Station

For only 160 yen, Shimokitazawa Station is just a 10-minute train ride way from the JR Shinjuku Station on the Odakyu Odawara Line.


Shimokitazawa Station to Hakone

With only one transfer needed, going to Hakone from Shimokitazawa Station is very convenient. Hop on the Odakyu Odawara Line and transfer to the Hakone Tozan Line at Odawara Station. Stay on the train for about 15 minutes before alighting at Hakone-Yumoto Station. Voila! Two hours and 1,140 yen later, you’ve arrived at your destination. 

To plan your day, check out our Top 46 Things to Do in Hakone.

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