Tokyo to Mt. Fuji – Train, Bus or Car

How to get from Tokyo to Mt. Fuji? Bus, train or car are you main options, all of them explained below.

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The majority of travellers to Japan head straight to Tokyo, most with the intention of also getting out of the city to visit Japan’s most recognisable landmark, Mt. Fuji. 

Although on a clear day the legendary volcano can be glimpsed from Tokyo itself, as the crow flies the mountain is roughly a sizable 130 km to the cities west. The question begs, therefore, how do you get from Tokyo to Mt. Fuji? 

Well, you’ve got three realistic options: bus, train or car. Read on for a full explainer into each of them. 

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Tokyo to Mt. Fuji 

As nice as it’d be, no one is going to take you to the top the mountain direct from Tokyo. In fact, outside of climbing season (July-September), you’re not allowed on the mountain at all. 

Most people, therefore, head to the Fuji Five Lakes area at the base of the mountain; an area from which the views of the mount are optimum and a whole tourist industry has cropped up to cater to the needs of visitors. This is where you’ll find the attractions, restaurants and hotels, should you want them. 

The second largest of the lakes is Kawaguchiko, which is also the main hub for Fuji sightseers and for those embarking on an ascent of the mountain. From Tokyo, Kawaguchiko is where you want to head to, being by far the easiest destination close to the mountain and, happily, where you’ll find some of the best views. 


For many, the easiest option to get from Tokyo to Mt. Fuji is the bus. Buses run regularly from three of Tokyo’s main train stations to Kawaguchiko Station. It is affordable and doesn’t take too long either. 


Shinjuku Station (Shinjuku Bus Terminal) to Kawaguchiko Station: 

Operator: Fujikyu and Keio Bus

Price: 1,750 yen

Frequency: 1/2 per hour. Bus timetable, here

Time: 1 hr 53 mins

Tickets: Can be bought from the bus terminal on the day of your journey. Make sure you get there with enough time to spare before your bus departs. 


Shibuya Station (Mark City) to Kawaguchiko Station:

Operator: Fujikyu

Price: 1,800 yen

Frequency: 1 every 2 hours

Time: 2 – 2.5 hrs

Tickets: Tickets can be bought at the station on the day of your journey. 


Tokyo Station (Yaesu South Exit) to Kawaguchiko Station:

Operator: Fujikyu and JR Kanto Bus

Price: 1,800 yen

Frequency: 2 per day

Time: 2 hrs

Tickets: Tickets can be bought at the station on the day of your journey. 


Taking the train is another option from Tokyo to Kawaguchiko. Although there is no direct train, the journey is relatively straightforward and takes only slightly longer than the bus. 

First head to Shinjuku Station. Next, take the JR Chuo Line to Otsuki Station. On a direct limited express train the journey takes roughly 70 minutes. From here, take the Fujikyuko Line to Kawaguchiko Station, a journey of roughly 50 minutes. In total, the journey will cost around 3,900 yen. 


It is also possible to access the Fuji area by car. If you’ve rented a car and want some tips on driving in Japan, check out our guide

If driving, take into consideration that delays are always possible. Generally, though, the journey takes roughly 1 hour 30 minutes. If driving you’ll take roughly the same route as the bus, which is mostly along well signposted highways.  

Package Tours

A variety of package tours are available to take advantage of from Tokyo to Mt. Fuji. The advantage of this option is that all the transport is taken care of and you’ll be whisked to the best sightseeing spots once you get there. 

One recommended one-day tour operated by JAPANiCAN takes you by bus to the mountain, all guidance is in English and prices start at just 12,500 yen. A two-day tour operated by the same company, including a hotel room, comes in at 32,500 yen. 

Special Tickets

A number of special tickets are available to visitors wanting to get from Tokyo to the Fuji area. These tickets, if made the most of, can save you some money and ease you journey nicely. 


Fuji Hakone Pass

A 3-day pass allowing for unlimited train travel to and around the Fuji and Hakone areas. 

Cost: 8,000 yen

Tickets: available from the Fuji Hakone Pass website


Fujigoko Enjoy Ticket

A great deal, allowing transit from Shinjuku to Kawaguchiko and unlimited 2-day travel on either the Fujikko bus or the Retro Bus. Also qualifies holders for discounts on certain Fuji area tourist attractions.

Cost: 4,350 yen

Tickets: can be bought at Shinjuku Bus Terminal  


Fujisan Fujigoko Passport

Allows holders unlimited travel for 2-days on any  Fujikyu buses in the Fuji area. Many of the areas attractions are only reachable via bus, making this great value should you want to see everything. 

Cost: 2550 – 3550 (depending on ticket type)

Tickets: Available to buy at Kawaguchiko Station, Fujisan Station, Mishima Station, Shin-Fuji Station, Fujinomiya Station and Gotemba Station

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