Haneda Airport (HND) – Tokyo’s Second Airport

A full guide to Haneda Airport, including flight details, terminal information and the lowdown on the airport's key amenities, shops and restaurants.

Provided by: Foursquare

Provided by: Foursquare

Haneda Airport (HND) also known as Tokyo International Airport is one of the two main airports which serve the Tokyo area, handling the majority of domestic air traffic into the city. It is the primary base for the two major main Japanese airlines: Japan Airlines and All Nippon Airways. 

Up until 1978, Haneda was Tokyo’s sole airport but has since been eclipsed by the sprawling Narita Airport further out of the city. However, Haneda continues to handle a good deal of flights, making it one of the busiest airports in Japan and the fifth busiest in the world.

Read on for a full guide to Haneda Airport. 

Haneda Airport Overview

Located in Tokyo’s Ota Ward, 14 kilometers south of Tokyo Station, the airport is far more central and accessible than Narita. It is comprised of three terminals: Terminal 1, Terminal 2 and a small International Terminal. All three are connected by walkways and free shuttle buses. 

Terminal 1

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Provided by Foursquare

Opened in 1993, it is also known as ‘Big Bird’ and mainly serves JAL Airlines. This is the largest terminal, with six floors of restaurants, shops and even a rooftop sky deck.  


North Wing: JAL (Hokkaido, Tohoku, Hokuriku, Kinki) and Skymark Airlines (SKY)

South Wing: JAL (Chugoku, Shikoku, Okinawa), Japan TransOcean Air (JTA), Star Flyer (SFJ)                     


Terminal 2

Provided by: Foursquare

Provided by: Foursquare

Opened in 2004, Terminal 2 mainly serves ANA Airlines. It features rooftop restaurants, a shopping complex and Haneda Excel Hotel Tokyo.

Airlines: ANA, Air Do (ADO), Skynet Asia Airways (SNA)


International Terminal

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Provided by: Foursquare

Opened in 2010, the International Terminal serves the airport’s international flights and features lounges operated by All Nippon Airways, Japan Airlines and Cathay Pacific Airways.

Airlines: Japan Airlines (JAL), All Nippon Airways (ANA), Korean Air (KAL), Asiana Airlines (ANA), China Eastern Airlines (CEA), Shanghai Airlines (CSH), Air China (CCA), Cathay Pacific Airways (CPA)

Access Information  

Keikyu Line (Train)

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Haneda Airport is directly connected to the the Tokyo train network. The station is easily accessible from any of the terminals, connecting passengers to the Keikyu Airport Limited Express line to Shinagawa Station (and vice versa). 

Time (to Shinagawa): 13 minutes (International Terminal), 16 minutes (other terminals)

Fare: 410 yen

Website: Keikyu Haneda


Tokyo Monorail

Haneda Airport International Terminal Station connects the airport to the Tokyo Monorail Line. Take the Tokyo Monorail Haneda Express to or from Hamamatsucho Station on the Yamanote Line. 

Time (to Hamamatsucho): 13 minutes (International Terminal), 17 minutes (Terminal 1), 19 minutes (Terminal 2)

Fare: 490 yen

Website: Monorail Haneda


Limousine Bus

Photo Credit: hans johnson via Flickr cc

Photo Credit: hans johnson via Flickr cc

From Tokyo Station, an Airport Limousine bus departs every 30 to 60 minutes directly to Haneda Airport. The bus can also be caught from other central locations such as Shinjuku and Shibuya. 

Time (from Tokyo Station): 40 minutes

Fare: 930 yen

Website: Limousine bus



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Find a taxi stand on the first floor of the arrival lobby which is packed full of drivers at all hours. Flat rate taxis also operate between Haneda Airport and locations within Tokyo and can be arranged ahead of time. 

Time: 20-60 minutes (dependent on destination and traffic)

Fare: 5,000-10,000 yen (depending upon destination)


Information Counters

All three terminals contain a number of information counters from which passengers can find out general airport, transport and city information, purchase travel insurance, purchase bus tickets and make hotel reservations. Find an information counter by looking out for the giant question mark signs. Most counters offer multilingual service. 



Bank of Tokyo-Mitsubishi UFJ, SMBC Trust Bank, Japan Post Bank, Mizuho Bank, Sumitomo Mitsui Bank, Tokyo Star Bank, Seven Bank and the Bank of Yokohama all have ATMs within the airport terminals. If using an international bank card, head to a Seven Bank or Japan Post ATM for international service.


Baggage Services 

Baggage can be stored for up to two weeks in a designated storage area at the airport. Costs are dependent upon the size of the item: 300 yen for small items (less than 120 cm), 600 yen for medium items (from 120 cm to 199 cm) and 900 yen for large items (from 200 cm to 300 cm). 

Home delivery counters (Nippon Express and Yamato Transport ) are also located on the first-floor of terminals 1 and 2. 


Internet and Cell Phone Rental

Internet Stations are dotted around each of the terminals which provide free access to the web for passengers. Also find here charging points for electrical items. In the arrivals lounges there are service desks for mobile phones, SIM cards and mobile internet rental. 

For more information on phone and internet rental, check here


Free WiFi

Haneda Airport offers free WiFi throughout. Follow the simple instructions and browse freely. 

Haneda Airport Hotels

FIRST CABIN Haneda Terminal 1

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A compact hotel based on airplane first class seating. Perfect for a long layover or overnight stay.  

Access: Terminal 1, 1F Lobby

Hours: 24/7

Website: Cabin


Haneda Excel Hotel Tokyo

Provided by: Foursquare

Provided by: Foursquare

Connected to Terminal 2, this hotel couldn’t be more convenient. One of the classier hotels in the area and decked out with all the comforts of home, this is a great choice for an overnight stay. 

Access: Terminal 2, 2F Lobby

Hours: 24/7

Website: Excel


Royal Park Hotel Haneda

Provide by : Foursquare

Provide by : Foursquare

Right next to the International Terminal, this hotel is clean, comfortable and convenient. 

Access: International Terminal 3F

Hours: 24/7

Website: Royal Park

Haneda Airport Shopping and Restaurants

Duty Free 


Provided by: Foursquare

Provided by: Foursquare

All the usual duty-free fare is on offer here: alcohol, cigarettes, cosmetics, electronics and so much more. The perfect place to pick up a last minute souvenir. 


Convenience Stores

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Provide by: Foursquare

Haneda Airport has five convenience stores spread over terminals 1, 2 and the International Terminal. Perfect for reasonably priced snacks and drinks.  


Edo Koji Market

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Provided by: Foursquare

The fourth floor of the international terminal has been given over to the look and feel of the Edo period, find here shops selling trinkets and souvenirs of all kinds and restaurants serving some of the best airport food going. 


Haneda Airport Restaurants 

Photo Credit: Jun Seita via Flickr cc

Photo Credit: Jun Seita via Flickr cc

Japanese, European, Chinese or American food, take your pick, it’s all on offer at Haneda Airport. Also find popular fast-food chains and cafes. 

Website: Haneda Restaurants

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