Shinjuku Station Travel Guide

Everything you need to know to conquer Shinjuku Station, including line and exit guides, as well as facilities, shopping, restaurant and hotel info.

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Located in the heart of Tokyo, Shinjuku Station is undoubtedly the busiest and liveliest station in Japan. With 36 platforms and over 200 exits, the station is a maze even for Tokyoites. Three railway companies: Japan Rail (JR), Odakyu and Keio operate lines from the station, providing easy access to almost all major destinations including Haneda and Narita airports, Shibuya, Ueno and Tokyo stations.  

The omnipresent crowds, the number of subway lines and of exits can be overwhelming, even with a smartphone to hand. To help lessen your stress, we’ve put together everything you need to know about Shinjuku Station in one place, replete with train line and exit information, as well as a comprehensive guide to Shinjuku Station’s shopping, food and hotel amenities nearby. 

Main Exits

Metro and JR Map

Access to Major Destinations

Shinjuku Station Facilities 

Shinjuku Station Shopping 

Shinjuku Station Restaurants and Cafes

Hotels Around Shinjuku Station

Shinjuku Station Main Exits

shinjuku station

Shinjuku Station Map 


1. East Exit

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Main Attractions: Shinjuku Gyoen, Isetan department store, Shinjuku-Nichome, Golden Gai, Kabukicho.


2. West Exit

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Main Attractions: Odakyu department store, Yodobashi Camera, Tokyo Metropolitan Government Building.


3. South & New South Exit 

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 Main Attractions: Takashiyama Time Square, Tokyu Hands, Kinokuniya bookstore, Bus terminal, NEWoMan

Metro and JR Map

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A grand total of 12 train lines run through Shinjuku Station. Take a look below for details:


Yamanote Line

If you are travelling around Tokyo for the first time, the Yamanote will soon become very familiar. The line connects to many of the city’s major tourist destinations including Ueno Park, Omotesando and Akihabara. 

JR East Map


Chuo Rapid Line & Chuo-Sobu Line

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JR Chuo Line connects the Tokyo’s east and west sides. Chuo Rapid Line serves mainly the western section between Takao Station and Tokyo Station, whereas Chuo-Sobu Line serves the eastern section between Mitaka Station and Chiba Station.


Marunouchi Line

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Operated by Tokyo Metro, Marunouchi Line runs in a U-shape, connecting between Ogikubo Station and Ikebukuro Station. 

Tokyo Metro Map


Oedo Line

Operated by Tokyo Metropolitan Breau of Transportation or Toei, Oedo Line draws a large circle around central Tokyo, connecting between Shinjuku Station and Shimbashi Station. 


Keio Line

Some of the main attractions you can access on the Keio Line are Jindaji Temple (Chofu Station), Okunitama Shrine (Fuchu Station) and Mount Takao (Takao Station).

Keio Railway Map


Narita Express Line

Narita Express or N’EX provides direct access to Narita Airport (Terminal 1,2 and 3) from major stations including Tokyo Station, Shinagawa Station, Shibuya Station, Yokohama Station and Shinjuku Station. Although cheaper alternatives are available, Narita Express provides more comfortable seats, individual luggage space with combination locks and larger restrooms. 

JR Narita Express



JR East (6)Yamanote Line, Chuo Main Line, Chuo Rapid Line, Chuo-Sobu Line, Shonan-Shinjuku Line, Saikyo Line
Odakyu Electric Railway (1)Odakyu Odawara Line
Keio Corporation (2)Keio Line, Keio New Line
Tokyo Metro (1)Marunouchi Line
Toei Subway (2)Toei Shinjuku Line, Toei Oedo Line

Access to Major Destinations

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StationRailway LineTimePrice
ShibuyaJR Yamanote Line7 min160 yen
UenoJR Yamanote Line26 min200 yen
JR Chuo Line > Ginza Line (at Kanda)21 min340 yen
JR Chuo-Sobu Line > JR Keihintohoku Line (at Akihabara)25 min200 yen
AkihabaraJR Chuo-Sobu Line(Local) 18 min170 yen
JR Chuo Line > JR Chuo-Sobu Line(Local) (at Ochanomizu)15 min170 yen
GinzaMarunouchi Line16 min200 yen
HarajukuJR Yamanote Line5 min140 yen
AsakusaJR Chuo Line > Ginza Line (at Kanda)25 min
340 yen
Marunouchi Line > Ginza Line (at Akasakamitsuke)34 min240 yen
OdaibaJR Saikyo Line34 min500 yen
Oedo Line > Yurikamome (at Shiodome)40 min540 yen
JR Yamanote Line > Yurikamome (at Shimbashi)48 min520 yen
Haneda Airport
JR Saikyo Line to Limousine Bus (at Shinagawa-Seaside)40 min
1,010 yen
JR Yamanote Line > Keikyu Line (at Shinagawa)42 min610 yen
JR Yamanote Line > Tokyo Monorail (at Hamamatsucho)
48 min690 yen
Narita AirportJR Narita Express79 min

3,190 yen

JR Yamanote Line > Skyliner Bus (at Nippori)
65 min2,670 yen
JR Chuo Line > Narita Airport Limousine Bus (at Tokyo)89 min1,200 yen

Shinjuku Station Facilities

1. Free Wi-Fi

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JR East provides a free Wi-Fi service at Shinjuku Station. To connect, select SSID “JR-EAST_FREE_Wi_Fi” and a browser will open automatically. Follow the instructions and register your e-mail address. You will only need to do this once. 


2. Information Centers

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Get assistance with train schedules, travel guidance and other general information about Shinjuku Station at the various information centers located close to the station’s main exits. 

Location: South / East / New South Exit

Hours: 09:00 – 19:00


3. Travel Service Center

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At the JR East Travel Service Centers, you can purchase tickets, make arrangements for accommodation, make inquiries about traveling as well as activate your JR Pass. For more info on the JR Pass, check out our JR Pass Guide

Website: JR EAST Travel Service Center

Location: New South Exit

Hours: 08:00 – 19:00


4. Foreign Currency Exchange ATM 

There are two ATM machines that support the exchange of foreign currency to Japanese yen and of Japanese yen to US dollars. 

Location: JR East Travel Service Center, New South Exit

Hours: 08:00 – 19:00


5. Lockers

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Lockers are available both inside and outside the station at many locations. You can pay with either cash or a prepaid IC card, such as Suica or Pasmo, which you can also use at kiosks or vending machines inside the station. Instructions are provided in English, Korean, Chinese and Japanese.

Price: 300 – 600 yen

Location: Coin Locker Navi

Shinjuku Station Shopping

1. Isetan Department Store

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Find the Isetan department store five minutes on foot from the station’s East exit. The building, built in 1933, has been renovated but retains its elegant original exterior. From traditional Japanese sweet stores on the basement level to high-end fashion boutiques, Isetan offers a variety of goods. 

Access: East Exit

Hours: 10:30 – 20:00

Address: 3-14-1, Shinjuku, Shinjuku-ku, Tokyo 160-0022

Website: Isetan


2. Yodobashi Camera West Exit Main Store

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Yodobashi Camera West Exit is composed of 13 separate but integrated stores, each specializing in different products. As you’d expect, find here cameras, as well as repair and servicing, games, watches and adult entertainment. All within three minutes of Shinjuku Station. 

Access: West Exit

Hours: 09:30 – 22:00

Address: 1-11-1, Nishishinjuku, Shinjuku-ku, 160-0023

Website: West Main Store


3. Odakyu Department Store

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The Odakyu department store is owned by the Odakyu Group, which also runs the Odakyu Electric Railway through Shinjuku Station. The building is attached to the west side of the station and is also connected to Odakyu HALC, an annex specializing in sports goods. 

Access: West Exit

Hours: 10:00 – 20:00

Address: 1-1-3, Nishishinjuku, Shinjuku-ku, Tokyo

Website: Odakyu Department Store


4. NEWoMan

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NEWoMan is the newest shopping complex near Shinjuku Station. The building consists of various fashion boutiques, cafes, an outdoor food hall and a garden. This stylish building is located right across the street from the station’s south exit, adjacent to Busta Shinjuku (Shinjuku Express Bus Terminal). 

Access: South Exit

Hours: 11:00 – 20:00

Address: 4-1-6 Shinjuku, Shinjuku, Tokyo 160-0022

Website: NEWoMan


5. Odakyu HALC

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Odakyu HALC is an annex to the Odakyu department store, connected to one another through passages located on B2, 1F and 2F.  The 11-story building  is mainly focused on sports goods. However, four floors (from 3rd to 6th) are devoted to Bic Camera, a large electronics retailer chain that sells everything from video games, toys and smartphones, to musical instruments and home appliances. Restaurants and cafes can also be found on the seventh, eighth and ninth floors. 

Access: West Exit

Hours: 10:00 – 20:30 (Bic Camera is open until 21:00)

Address: 1-5-1, Nishishinjuku, Shinjuku-ku, Tokyo 160-0023

Website: Odakyu HALC

Shinjuku Station Restaurants and Cafes

1. Ichiran Ramen

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Located close to the East Exit, Ichiran Shinjuku is a tonkotsu (pork based broth) ramen restaurant with branches in 15 different prefectures. Expect lengthy queues, but use the time to mull your meal and fill out an order form so your food is waiting for you as you enter.

Price: 790 – 910 yen

Opening Hours: 24 hours

Location: 3-34-11 Shinjuku, Tokyo 160-0022

Website: Ichiran


2. Himawari Zushi Shintoshin

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Himawari Zushi Shintoshin is a conveyor belt sushi restaurant near the West Exit of Shinjuku station. Made with seasonal seafood and reasonably priced, this is a great lunch option. 

Price: 1,000 – 1,500 yen

Opening Hours: 12:00 – 22:00

Location: 1-22-15 Nishishinjuku, Shinjuku, Tokyo 160-0023

Website: N/A


3. Gyukatsu Motomura

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Gyukatsu refers to a beef cutlet dish, similar the more well-known pork version, tonkatsu. Customers can grill the meat for themselves, with a set meal also including a rice bowl, miso soup, potato salad and cabbage. 

Price: 1,000 – 1,500 yen

Opening Hours: 11:00 – 23:00

Location: 3-1-32 Shinjuku, Tokyo 160-0022

Website: N/A


4. Blue Bottle

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Coffee at Blue Bottle is sold within 48 hours of roasting, assuring the best quality coffee always. Blue Bottle Shinjuku can be conveniently accessed from the New South Exit of Shinjuku Station. 

Price: 400 – 900 yen

Opening Hours: 08:00 – 22:00

Location: 4-1-6 Shinjuku Shinjuku-ku, Tokyo 160-0022

Website: Blue Bottle


5. Takano Fruit Parlour

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Takano Fruit Parlor offers a variety of desserts, ranging from fruit parfait to cake, jam and bread. Takano owns a production plant that develops and produces original products using fresh seasonal fruits. 

Price: 2,000 – 3,000 yen

Opening Hours: 11:00 – 21:00

Location: 3-26-11 Shinjuku, Shinjuku-ku, Tokyo 160-0022 

Website: Shinjuku Takano

Hotels Around Shinjuku Station 

1. Park Hyatt Hotel

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Park Hyatt Tokyo is an elegant five-star hotel that occupies the top 14 floors of Shinjuku Park Tower. The hotel boasts a spectacular view of Tokyo all the way out to Mountain Fuji, as well as spa, pool and luxurious dining facilities. From Shinjuku Station, the hotel is just 12 minutes on foot or five minutes using the complimentary hotel shuttle bus. 

Price: 55,000 – 70,000 yen per night

Location: 3-7-1-2 Nishi Shinjuku, Shinjuku-Ku, Tokyo 163-1055

Website: Hyatt Tokyo


2. APA Hotel- Kabukicho

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Roughly  6 minutes on foot from Shinjuku Station’s east exit, APA Hotel is located near the famous Kabukicho red light district. The hotel is equipped with free Wi-Fi, a restaurant that provides a breakfast buffet and a 24-hour reception.  

Price: 10,000 – 20,000 yen per night

Location: 1-20-1 Kabukicho, Shinjuku-ku, Tokyo 160-0021

Website: APA Hotel


3. Keio Plaza Hotel

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Keio Plaza Hotel is located in Nishi-Shinjuku, where the tall office buildings and government agencies are clustered. Just 10 minutes from Shinjuku Station, the hotel is also very close to the Tokyo Metropolitan Government Building with its spectacular free observatory deck on the top floors. Keio Plaza Hotel is also famous for its Hello Kitty themed rooms.

Price: 30,000 – 40,000 yen per night

Location: 2-2-1 Nishi-Shinjuku, Shinjuku-Ku, Tokyo 160-8330

Website: Keio Plaza Hotel Tokyo 


4. Hotel Sunroute Plaza Shinjuku

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Featuring free Wi-Fi, a decadent Italian restaurant and an oil massage spa, Hotel Sunroute Plaza, three minutes walk from the station’s south exit, is a great luxury choice. The easy access to the station makes this hotel apt for both travelers on vacation and on a business trip. 

Price: 12,000 – 25,000 yen per night

Location: 2-3-1 Yoyogi, Shibuya-ku, Shinjuku 151-0053

Website: Sunroute Plaza Shinjuku


5. Hotel Century Southern Tower

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Odakyu group’s Hotel Century Southern Tower features 375 guest rooms, each with free Wi-Fi and electric kettle and abundant toiletries. This luxurious hotel is located to the south of Shinjuku Station, very close to various shopping complexes including Takashima department store, Tokyu Hands and Shinjuku Southern Terrace. 

Price: 40,000 – 60,000 yen

Location: 2-2-1 Yoyogi, Shibuya-ku, Tokyo 151-0053

Website: Odakyu Century Hotel 

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