The Best Restaurants in Shibuya

With 37 Shibuya restaurant recommendations, you'll never go hungry in Shibuya again!

Tokyo, Japan is a premier grub-hub, boasting more Michelin-starred restaurants than any other world city! The city’s culinary landscape is both local and international in flavor, and prices, contrary to the Japanese capital’s high-end reputation, are able to satisfy any budget. Come with us on a journey through Shibuya, one of Tokyo’s premier foodie hang-outs, as we introduce you to 37 of the best restaurants the district has to offer:


1. Umegaoka Sushi No Midori (梅丘寿司の美登利総本店)

Umegaoka Sushi No Midori (梅丘寿司の美登利総本店)

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The long lines of people outside of this place, all patiently waiting to be seated, are a testament to the quality of this restaurant’s incredibly fresh sushi and the fact that Umegaoka Sushi No Midori is indubitably one of the best sushi restaurants in Shibuya. If possible, sit at the sushi bar and you’ll be treated to a wonderful display of sushi craftsmanship.

Type: Japanese Sushi Chain

Hours: SUN-SAT 11:00AM-10:00PM

Address: Shibuya Mark City East 4F, 1-12-1 Dogenzaka, Shibuya, Tokyo 150-0043


2. Sushi Zanmai Shibuya East Exit Branch (すしざんまい 渋谷東口店)

Sushi Zanmai Shibuya East Exit Branch (すしざんまい 渋谷東口店)

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Kiyoshi Kimura, aka the “King of Tuna”, owns the Sushi Zanmai chain and is well known for his dedication to the quality of his fish, especially the tuna. Though the quality is premium, sushi at Sushi Zanmai is so affordable that everyone can enjoy it.

Type: Japanese Sushi Chain

Hours: 24/7, open 24 hours every day

Address: 2-22-11 Shibuya, Shibuya, Tokyo 150-0002


3. Tenka Zushi Shibuya Dogenzaka Branch (天下寿司 渋谷道玄坂店)

Tenka Zushi Shibuya Dogenzaka Branch (天下寿司 渋谷道玄坂店)

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At first glance, this sushi-go-round restaurant may appear rather more expensive than your typical sushi-go-round restaurant. However, this is not without reason. The quality of the fish here is much higher than many other restaurants of the same type, making the price hike fully understandable and, most probably, worth it. 

Type: Japanese Conveyor Belt Sushi (Kaiten-Zushi)

Hours: MON-SAT 11:00AM-11:00PM/SUN 11:00AM-10:00PM

Address: Tokyo K&K Building B1F, 2-9-10 Dogenzaka, Shibuya, Tokyo 150-0043


4. Uobei Shibuya Dogenzaka

Uobei Shibuya Dogenzaka

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The sushi at this kaiten-zushi restaurant is to a decent standard and more than affordable, with each plate costing 108 yen. However, what separates this kaiten-zushi restaurant from the others is the ordering. Make your choices on a multi-language touch screen then wait for your order to be delivered, not by a waiter, but on train tracks! The embodiment of hi-tech Japan, surely. 

Type: Japanese Conveyor Belt Sushi

Hours: SUN-SAT 11:00AM-12:00AM (midnight)

Address: Central Building 1F, 2-29-11 Dogenzaka, Shibuya, Tokyo 150-0043


Tempura is a traditional Japanese dish of deep fried battered seafood and vegetables.

5. Tempura Tsunahachi Shibuya Seibu (天ぷら つな八 渋谷西武店)

Tempura Tsunahachi Shibuya Seibu (天ぷら つな八 渋谷西武店)

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Since Tempura Tsunahachi, in the Shibuya Seibu department store, is one of the best tempura bars in town, expect to wait a while before being seated. The wait is well worth it, however, for the expertly prepared tempura, which admirably avoids the pitfalls of sogginess for a crispy and delicious texture. The restaurant even has an English guide on how to eat tempura!

Type: Japanese Tempura

Hours: SUN-SAT 11:00AM-10:00PM

Address: Seibu Building A 8F, 21−1 Udagawacho, Shibuya, Tokyo 150-8330


6. Tenmatsu Shibuyahonten (天松 渋谷本店)

Tenmatsu Shibuyahonten (天松 渋谷本店)

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Away from the hustle and bustle of the city center, Tenmatsu Shibuyahonten boasts one of the best tendons (tempura rice bowl) in town. Although priced at around 2,700 yen, their tendon is guaranteed to make you a happy camper. Though if you’re after a cheaper option, the restaurant also offers a 1,000 yen business lunch. 

Type: Japanese Tempura

Hours: SUN-SAT 11:00AM-2:30PM, 5:00PM-10:00PM

Address: 1-6-1 Dogenzaka, Shibuya, Tokyo 150-0043


7. Ichiran Shibuya (一蘭渋谷店)

Ichiran Shibuya (一蘭渋谷店)

Photo Credit: Linh Tran [Tokyo Food Tour]

Yes, Ichiran is a chain restaurant, but expect to be served the highest quality of ramen. People from around the come here to try Ichiran’s famed tonkotsu (pork bone) ramen. Like many other Japanese chain restaurants, customers order via a vending machine. This is easy enough but if you want to avoid any possible embarrassment, click here for a comprehensive guide to ordering at Ichiran.

Type: Fukuoka Ramen

Hours: 24/7, open 24 hours every day

Address: Iwamoto Building B1F, 1-22-7 Jinnan, Shibuya, Tokyo 150-0041


8. Kichitora Shibuya (吉虎 渋谷本店)

Kichitora Shibuya (吉虎 渋谷本店)

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Kichitora Shibuya is known for its tuskemen, a ramen variant where the plain noodles are dipped in a separate broth. Due to its popularity, Kichitora has even expanded to the Philipines.

After purchasing your ticket at the vending machine, the restaurant staff, usually with limited English, will inquire as to how what weight of noodle you would like – ranging from 220g to 750g.

Type: Fukuoka Tsukemen  

Hours: SUN-SAT 11:00AM-11:00PM

Address: Kondo Building 1F, 31-9 Udagawacho, Shibuya, Tokyo 150-0042


9. Gonpachi Shibuya (寿司権八 渋谷)

Gonpachi Shibuya (寿司権八 渋谷)

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WARNING: This is not the restaurant that inspired Kill Bill, that is its sister branch in Nishi Azabu.

Gonpachi Shibuya, however, is an amazing foreigner-friendly izakaya with an English menu. Take a look at the extensive menu here and here. In addition to the good food, this restaurant has an amazing view of the city.   

Type: Izakaya

Hours: SUN-SAT 11:30AM-3:30AM (next day)

Address: E Space Tower 14F 3-6 Maruyamacho, Shibuya, Tokyo 150-0044


10. Morimoto (焼鳥 森本) 

Morimoto (焼鳥 森本)

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With its extensive history, this 60+ year old izakaya has perfected the fine art of grilling yakitori (meat skewers). Not only are the grilled meats tender, Morimoto is also known for its chicken sashimi (tori sashi). Come here for some of the best yakitori and chicken sashimi in town. 

Type: Izakaya

Hours: MON-FRI 5:00PM-11:00PM/SAT 4:30PM-11:00PM/SUN Closed

Address: Hamanokami Building 1F, 2-7-4 Dogenzaka, Shibuya, Tokyo 150-0043


11. Kaikaya By the Sea (開花屋)

Kaikaya By the Sea (開花屋)

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With its motto, “no fish, no life,” you get an idea of what this popular restaurant is about. It combines Eastern and Western cooking with dishes such as “Hotategai No Risotto Okoge”, a gorgonzola risotta scallop pancake, being among its best. Here is the English menu detailing the rest of the wacky creations this restaurant has on offer.

Type: Japanese-Western Seafood Fusion

Hours: MON-FRI 11:30AM-2:00PM/SUN-SAT 5:30PM-12:00AM (midnight)

Address: 23-7 Maruyamacho, Shibuya, Tokyo 150-0044


12. Cedros (シドロス)

Cedros (シドロス)

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Owners, Yui and Lui Shirako, opened this American seafood restaurant in 2014. The food is sure to remind you of sunny California, but with a Japanese twist (e.g. pepper crusted Ahi with wasabi cream). With a laidback atmosphere, Cedros is a great place to relax. 

Type: American Seafood

Hours: MON-FRI 6:00PM-10:00PM/SAT 11:30AM-3:00PM, 6:00PM-10:00PM/SUN Closed

Address: D Tradgard Daikanyama, 1-32-3 Ebisunishi, Shibuya, Tokyo 150-0021


13. Kujiraya (元祖くじら屋)

Kujiraya (元祖くじら屋)

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This controversial restaurant (featured in our “Weird Japanese Food” article) serves kujira (whale meat) in various ways including hot pot and sashimi. 

Type: Japanese Seafood

Hours: TUE-SUN 11:30AM-10:30PM, MON Closed

Address: 2-29-22 Dogenzaka, Shibuya, Tokyo 150-0043


14. Tora-Fugu Tei (とらふぐ亭 渋谷店)

Tora-Fugu Tei (とらふぐ亭 渋谷店)

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Tora-Fugu Tei is a fugu (pufferfish or blowfish) (featured in our “Weird Japanese Food” article) specialist that only deals with tiger blowfish, the best of the best when it comes to blowfish. This delicious dish has led to several poisoning incidents and is so notorious that the Emperor of Japan has been banned from eating it for his own safety. Try it if you dare!

Type: Japanese Seafood

Hours: MON-SAT 5:00PM-4:00AM, SUN 4:00PM-12:00AM (midnight)

Address: King Building 1F, 5-6 Maruyamacho, Shibuya, Tokyo 150-0044


15. Catalan Spanish “Bikini TAPA” (ビキニ タパ )

Catalan Spanish "Bikini TAPA" (ビキニ タパ )

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Catalan Josep Barahona Viñes owns several Spanish restaurants in Tokyo, one of which even winning a Michelin star. Viñes, however, is dedicated to providing a laidback atmosphere, which is exactly what’ll you find at “Bikini TAPA.” With appetizing tapas and a down to earth atmosphere, this restaurant is the place to wind down after exploring the Shibuya streets.       

Type: Spanish

Hours: SUN-SAT 11:00AM-10:00PM

Address: Shibuya Mark City East 4F, 1-12-1 Dogenzaka, Shibuya, Tokyo 150-0043


16. El Castellano (エルカステリャーノ)

El Castellano (エルカステリャーノ)

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The eccentric and passionate Vincente Garcia, owner of this 30+ year old Spanish restaurant, promises a good time and an authentic Spanish experience. Even the water is from Spain. El Castellano has a wide range of tapas, but they’re most known for their Jamón ibérico (Iberian ham).

Type: Spanish

Hours: MON-SAT 6:00PM-11:00PM/SUN Closed

Address: 2-9-12 Shibuya, Tokyo 150-0002

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