Everybody loves them! 14 popular souvenirs from Singapore

I personally love seeing souvenir shops in the end of my trip. I believe many of you agree with me. You take a look at at least one souvenir shop when you travel, do you?

Hi, this is Satorin from Compathy Magazine.
I personally love seeing souvenir shops in the end of my trip. I believe many of you agree with me. You take a look at at least one souvenir shop when you travel, do you? You can buy a souvenir for yourself as a remembrance of your trip. Or you might be giving souvenirs to your family, friends and colleagues to express your appreciation for them and to share your great memories of the trip with them.
Since souvenirs sometimes mean so much to you, you should choose the one with good taste. I know you don’t want to give a crap to your friends but instead you want to make your friends happy by giving them good souvenirs. So here is a suggestion of popular souvenirs from Singapore which will make everyone happy.

1. Tiger Beer

Tiger Beer is a Singaporean beer brand popular around East Asia. It has smooth but strong taste, which is why most people like it. It seems that simple taste beer is favored in Singapore because of its climate. You can find them at the airport, convenience stores, and supermarket. Get some for your dad or boss if they are drinkers.

2. Dried fruits

 Photo credit: Juliana Swenson via flickr cc

Photo credit: Juliana Swenson via flickr cc

Dried fruits is one of the most popular souvenirs from tropical countries. They can be found at supermarket, street stalls and everywhere. Dried mangoes are the most favored of all.
In Singapore, you can find a lot of different kinds of dried fruits such as apple, kiwi, pineapple, ginger, tomatoes and more, so you may want to try them because you can rarely find them in Japan. The dried fruits have a long shelf life, which is another reason why they are good souvenirs. They are recommended especially for your female friends.

3. Chili prawn rolls

Photo credit: Choo Yut Shing via flickr cc

Photo credit: Choo Yut Shing via flickr cc

A crunchy snack of chili prawn rolls is a good one too. This spicy snack goes great with beer or you may want to have them for midnight snacks. The snack is so popular that various kinds are offered by different brands, so you can enjoy tasting one by one to find your favorite. They are available everywhere including souvenir shops and the airport. If you choose one with Merlion picture on its package, it will be a good souvenir for your friends. Or you may want to choose individually-packed ones so that you can hand out them to your colleagues.

4. Tea

Singapore is famous for tea as well. There are a variety of flavored teas. TWG TEA is the specialty shop of Singaporean tea, and there you can find not only regular red tea but also white tea and yellow tea from all over the world. Believe it or not, they offer 800 different kinds of tea!
Not to mention, their tastes are good but their packages are elegant. You may want to buy them for your female friends. The tea goods with TWG TEA logo are also popular.
They have some brunches in downtown and you can also find their products at souvenir shops and the airport, but I recommend you to visit their salon in Marina Bay Sans, where you can taste some tea before you actually buy them. Get your favorite one for your friends and they will love it!
If TWG TEA products are over your budget, check out the supermarket where you can find more affordable Singaporean tea.

5. Kaya

Photo Credit: kalleboo via Compfight cc

Photo Credit: kalleboo via Compfight cc

Kaya is a jam made from coconut, egg, and suger. A toast with Kaya is a popular breakfast menu in Singapore. Everyone likes this green-ish sticky jam with coconut milk flavor. You can find them at every supermarket.
The most well-known Kaya is the one from Raffles Hotel. They are more expensive than others but have rich taste. Why don’t you try the best quality jam and make it one of the good memories of Singapore?

6. Merlion-shaped candies

Photo Credit: Wade Rockett via Compfight cc

Photo Credit: Wade Rockett via Compfight cc

Even if you haven’t been to Singapore, you must know the iconic statue of Merlion. A variety of Merlion-shaped candies such as cookies and chocolates are very popular and they are usually packaged in a box with pictures of famous landmarks in Singapore. The ones sold at supermarket are more affordable. You may want to buy them for kids or get individually-packed ones if you are giving them to a bunch of friends.

7. Pineapple tarts

 Photo credit: goyumcha via flickr cc

Photo credit: goyumcha via flickr cc

This is also one of the popular souvenirs from Singapore. There are different kinds from simple ones to gorgeous ones and shapes vary, but the most popular one of all is the circle-shaped pineapple tart. The tender-crisp cookies perfectly match with sweet and sour pineapple jam. You can get them everywhere but Bengawan Solo’s pineapple tarts, which can be found at Takashimaya Singapore and the airport, are more famous.
They are not too sweet, so even men will like them. They have a long shelf life, so don’t worry if you can’t see your friends right after your trip. They are good for 6 weeks.

8. Peranakan goods

Peranakan goods are traditional crafts of Singapore. Peranakan culture was born combining Chinese culture and Malay culture. Their beautiful pastel-colored goods are good for use or for decoration. Those who received the souvenirs can think how they want to use them. Walk through the city and find your favorite shop as there are a bunch of specialty stores in downtown. If you are interested, visit Peranakan museum to learn their history. You can also buy Pranakan goods there.
All-hand-made sandals with amazing embroidery, colorful ceramics and clothes are great gifts for your loved ones. More affordable items such as magnets are also available.

9. Ayurveda soaps

The Ayurveda soaps are produced with the method of Ayurveda. They are made of natural herbs and plants and have various aroma and effects. You can enjoy your bath time if you get your favorite soaps. Since Ayurveda is from India, pharmacies around Little India offer more variety. You can find them at Mustafa Centre, the 24-hour supermarket, too.
Women will like them as they are pretty. They are available in Japan too, but you have to pay 5 to 10 times more if you buy them in Japan. In Singapore, it’s about 0.80 USD per item. Be careful not to exceed your baggage limitation by purchasing too much soap!

10. Ready-to-eat Singaporean dish

Photo Credit: goodiesfirst via Compfight cc

Photo Credit: goodiesfirst via Compfight cc

You will love Singaporean dish so much that you want to eat after you leave Singapore. Good news! Ready-to-eat products are available for someone like you. There are a variety of products such as Chicken Rice, Bak kut the, and Laksa. You can find them at supermarket.
The most popular ready-to-eat dish is Laksa. Laksa is a spicy noodle with galangal and turmeric, and the dish is famous around South East Asia. It was chosen as one of the best 10 dishes in the world by CNN. If your friends are busy, get one for them to share the taste of Singapore.

11. Singaporean T-shirts

You don’t want to regret after you finish souvenir shopping, do you? Consumable items are popular, but T-shirts are good souvenirs also.
T-shirts can be worn at home, gym or anywhere, so they won’t be wasted. You will enjoy choosing T-shirts for you and your friends as there are a bunch of different T-shirts such as “I LOVE SINGAPORE”, Merlion motif, or unique ones like a list of things prohibited in Singapore.

12. Tiger Balm

Photo Credit: kow_luck via Compfight cc

Photo Credit: kow_luck via Compfight cc

The world-famous Tiger Balm originated in Singapore is effective for sore muscle, stiff shoulder, and insect repellent. They even have Haw Par Villa, a park where Tiger Balm is promoted, in Singapore. In Japan only a big size of the Tiger Balm is sold while in Singapore a variety of products such as cold-packs and lip balms are available. The small products start from 0.80 USD, so you may want to buy a lot. Why don’t you get one for someone who is hard-working?

13. Mango puddings

Photo Credit: Sheep"R"Us via Compfight cc

Photo Credit: Sheep”R”Us via Compfight cc

Mango pudding is a popular sweet in Asia. It is popular in Japan too and is not as sweet as regular puddings. It’s more delicious and refreshing when it’s cold, so get them for your friends during summer time.
Bite-size puddings or puddings with nata de coco are available also. You can find them at supermarket, so try different kinds. They are good souvenirs for everyone including men, women, and children.

14. Merlion goods

Photo Credit: johntrathome via Compfight cc

Photo Credit: johntrathome via Compfight cc

Merlion is so iconic that there are different Merlion goods other than the candies mentioned above. Merlion pens are very popular as they are useful for everyone. Different kinds of Merlion pens such as the one with cute illustration or the one with more realistic motif are sold, so choose one that is suitable for your friends. Other products include stuffed toys, cups, bottle openers, bookmarks, and coasters. You can enjoy just seeing these Merlion goods at souvenir shops.

In the end…

I introduced popular souvenir items in Singapore. I hope to help you choose souvenirs for your loved ones who are waiting for you to welcome you at home and listen to your travel stories with smile on their face.

Writer:Satoko Sumitomo
Photo by: Haruna Nss 「シンガポール Changi 国際空港を満喫する‼への旅

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